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At Lorma Logistic, our commitment to achieving excellence extends to our diverse range of services.

Container truck transport

Our daily commitment is to offer a high-quality service aimed at satisfying our customers. Punctuality, safety, and flexibility are our main characteristics.
We manage a wide range of services related to the world of container transport, including dangerous goods, reefers, tank containers, tippers, food transport, both in Italy and Europe. The use of advanced monitoring and tracking technologies allows us to always keep our vehicles and your containers under control.
Thanks to our widespread presence in the northern Mediterranean, we can offer transport services to and from all major seaports, including in Italy (Genoa, La Spezia, Vado Ligure, Leghorn, Venice, Trieste), Slovenia (Koper), and Croatia (Rijeka).

ac_unit Reefer

Controlled temperature transport is a delicate and particularly specialized service due to the nature of the transported goods. Experience and maximum precision are required in this sector. At LORMA, we boast an organization dedicated to this segment, a modern fleet, and trained traveling personnel prepared to face any eventuality, supported by our assistance network. Furthermore, in the Padua yard, we have at our disposal 6 columns to connect Reefer containers.
Fresh or frozen, success is guaranteed!

warning DG (Hazardous goods)

Our commitment to safety makes us the reliable partner for your hazardous goods transport needs in containers. Constant compliance with current regulations ensures the safety of your shipments.
The use of only vehicles compliant with ADR regulations and the training of our traveling personnel is synonymous with peace of mind for our customers.

grocery Food

The transport of food goods in containers, intended for human and animal consumption, is something we take very seriously.
Our control procedures to guarantee the highest quality of service have allowed us to obtain HACCP certification to offer our customers the greatest possible safety and reliability, regardless of the type of container.

language Overseas

Lorma never stops! From northern Italy to all of Europe, our fleet travels daily to all states within the European community, including Switzerland and the UK. By road, by sea, or with the help of trains, our vehicles will reach all the destinations you indicate.
With our specially equipped vehicles and highly experienced traveling personnel, we will reach wherever you desire.

Tank container truck transport

Tank container transport is an extremely specialized service: expertise, attention, capacity, specialized personnel, dedicated and specially prepared vehicles are required.
We at Lorma know this well and do it well!

invert_colors Tank container

We can offer you tank container transport service specializing in the following types of goods: raw and refined foodstuffs, ADR and non-ADR chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and products subject to SOA regulations.

thermometer_add Heating service

At our Padua facility, we have our tank heating station with 5 steam stations and 2 hot water heating stations. From now on, the transport of tank containers will have no more secrets.

European intermodal transport

It is not easy to combine container transport between different European countries while respecting the environment at a reasonable price. Lorma Logistic has the right solution for our customers. Our established partnerships with the most important European railway operators allow us to offer door-to-door services between Italy and the main European cities.
Do you need to ship containers to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, England, or Spain? Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will have the solution for you!

commute Intermodal transport

Our ability to offer intermodal transport solutions is an added value for your logistics chain. We synergistically integrate different modes of transport, optimizing efficiency and reducing transit times. From road to rail, from sea to land, we guarantee flexible and sustainable solutions.

Full storage

Many parties are involved in the logistics chain, each with its own needs and deadlines. In this sector, unforeseen events are always around the corner.
Having areas to store full containers often allows us to remedy unexpected situations that, otherwise, would result in unforeseen expenses.
At Marghera, at our Ambro Terminal depot, and in the hinterland of the Apennines at areas belonging to our partners, we can offer you full container storage services.
Ship delays or franchise deadlines will no longer be a concern!

lan Organized management

Our team precisely manages the organization of full containers, ensuring easy accessibility and rapid movement when necessary. We use advanced systems to monitor and track every container, ensuring an efficient storage process.

security Safety first

Safety is our top priority. Our storage facility is equipped with advanced security systems and constant monitoring to ensure the protection of your assets. Trust us to maintain the integrity of your full containers in a controlled and secure environment.

call_split Operational flexibility

We understand that storage needs may vary. We offer operational flexibility to adapt to your requests, ensuring that your inventory is always accessible when you need it.

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