Our depot

Ambro Terminal: your gateway to efficient logistics

In 2016, Lorma Logistic proudly established Ambro Terminal, a 100% owned container depot located in Banchina dell'Azoto, the bustling heart of the commercial port of Venice, Marghera.
Spanning 13,000 square meters, this strategically positioned depot plays a pivotal role in our logistics network.

A strategic position

Just a few steps away from Vecon and Tiv, two important container terminals, Ambro Terminal is fully equipped for the maintenance and repair of empty containers.

We give priority to the safety and quality of your cargo, giving meticulous attention to details.

An up-to-date depot

Our commitment to digitization is unwavering. Our internal software efficiently handles all EDI files, including westim, codeco, and COPARN (in/out). This technological advantage streamlines operations, ensuring swift and accurate handling of information.

At Ambro Terminal, we are not just a warehouse: we are an integral part of your supply chain, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and excellence in every step of the way.

In March 2024 our depot has been also equipped with a TEREX crane for full containers lifting. This asset will allow us to offer our customers many new terminal services such as full containers handling, emptying/filling, fumigations, etc.

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