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Evolving and excelling on the road

As a driving force in the trucking industry since 2011, we have carved out our path to leadership with unwavering dedication and commitment to delivering the best in trucking and intermodal services.

Originally founded as a family business in the 1950s, LORMA focused on traditional transport before rising to prominence in the transportation of general cargo, chemicals, fertilizers, and steel products, particularly in Northern Italy and to and from the major ports, especially Genoa.

Over the ensuing years, LORMA expanded its operations in the intermodal and terminal services sectors, forging progressively significant connections with major freight forwarders and shipping companies, and making a decisive shift in the company's primary business focus to container truck traffic.

The birth of LORMA LOGISTIC in 2011 marked the culmination of the consolidated relationships with the Fratelli Cosulich Group, now owning and managing fully the company. Thanks to the privileged synergies with other activities of the Group, LORMA LOGISTIC is establishing itself in the container transport, logistics, and tank container markets.

Our group

Proudly part of the Fratelli Cosulich Group

The Fratelli Cosulich Group, established in 1857, stands as a landmark in the logistics industry.
Still owned by the Cosulich family, with its 7th generation, their journey began in Italy and has evolved into a diversified and multinational entity with over 130 companies.

Today, the reach of the Group extends across 27 Countries, operating in 14 different business units linked to the Shipping and Logistics sector, together with IT, Insurance, and Trade and Manufacturing activities.